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Only meeting you, approaching to intelligent packaging

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Only meeting you, approaching to intelligent packaging

There are two deep meanings behind idea of “only meeting you”. First, the company development should meet market. The theory is to response and lead market trends. Second, technical R&D also should be changed based on products and environment, could adjust to production, automatic gather information, find errors and so on.

With concept of “only meeting you”, after successfully launching the first domestic pump capping machine in the following year after establishment in 2010, Huituo still focuses on capping machine in daily chemical and cosmetic industry and creates a new machine every three months to solve customers’ troubles. All of those are originated from huituo’s DNA of concentration and value concept of customer-centered.

These two principles make us really listen to customers’ voice, which innovates us to continuously improve each new machine to infinitely meet customers’ need. The intelligent packaging has become a prefect concept to better accomplish customers’ demand and improve equipment performance. In this edition’s cover story, General manger Jiaxin, Hu will take us into Huituo’s “intelligent age”

Trends–intelligent age is coming

The continuous progress and development of industrial technology is to allow people to get out of simple work to create more value, so does packaging industry, which is also the reason for intelligent packaging. From Huituo’s development history of core competence, it is clear to know how intelligent principle grows from nothing in packaging equipment field

First stage–functional

The early value of Huituo is focus and innovation. Facing a gap in the market, the development process of technology and equipment is a functional evolution from nothing to fill the gap in the market

Second stage–reasonable

Huituo is reasonably optimizing details from high-efficiency, stability and so on

Third stage-customized

Focus on single customized requirements, the module is added to solve individual demands on the base of standard equipment.

Fourth stage–intelligent

The Huituo thinks the intelligence is a self-adjust automation, aim to totally replace people and go beyond them

Intelligence– infinitely approaching to human

The intelligence is different from standard automation, which realizes equipment running with fixed movement through mechanical drive to partly replace human’s work and assist whole production process. However intelligent equipment could self-adjust based on external change such as product, environment etc to totally replace human. The various market requirements lead to products diversification. When products, surroundings and package form change, it puts forward higher requirements for equipment. The intelligent equipment owns functions of thinking, feeling and linking to internet and so on. For Huituo, the future intelligent production will have three interconnection and three integration, which is information interconnection, virtual reality interconnection( hardware and software system interconnection) and internal and external plant interconnection. It includes vertical integration, as integrating whole processes of R&D, design, manufacture, sale and so on in customer’s internal production, horizontal integration, not only integrating all internal aspects, but also upstream and downstream firms.

Research and development — Walk in front of the customer and the market



Research and development — Walk in front of the customer and the market

Huituo doing research and develop the equipment to customer needs and market development as the center, laying a good foundation of automation at beginning , designing and producing modularized , applying servo and test technology, finally working out completely RD system . The future equipment RD is not only just create of mechanical technique , but also effective integration of various technologies . Around the entire packaging industry chain and a variety of technologies to carry out the RD ,but not limited to just one technology under the leading thought Huituo carry out, which also create the basis and conditions for realize the intelligent packaging finally . In Huituo’s RD team, some project team specifically aimed at customer needs as some developed specifically for technical development which are walking in front of the customer needs and market development.

Customers — intelligent packaging help success achievement

How to choose intelligent packaging by customers? First, customers should consider the connection of different productions when producing. We should classify the products then discuss the reasonable plan and consolidation with supplies as rely to just one packaging equipment is unreasonable. Second, the customer would have accurate position for the packaging machine required if they consider the development of market and itself which means products for now and future , the future requirement ,cost control and operation management and serious of factors.

What exactly equipment they need, here we list the answers as blow, as cosmetic industry for example.

1.Applied to different mass production : we won’t provide a simple function equipment.

2.Applied to future product variety:we believe equipment should long-term not short-term.

3.Intelligent equipment: We make the equipment easy operating, stable running, which could adapt automation and informatization  itself .

4.Reduce equipment and operating costs:  we control the cost of equipment production as well as the cost of purchase and running of customers’ (save energy)

5.Help customers achieve their success : we keep on pay attention on the customers’ production and market development for now and future, consider the future requirement when research the equipment. This could make the equipment adjust the customers’ future requirement which is easy to operation and management.

6.Low effort involved to choose equipment: We will provide customized equipment to customer as requests made to us, this make the buying process easily.


How Huituo realize these 6 points above step by step could refer as blow.

First, we believe we should know exactly and clearly about the industry we serviced, the technology used, as well as producing development.

Create user value oriented solutions system, which solve the problem such as difficult employment, fast and diversified changeover, efficiency, reliability and convenience, multiple precise complicated screw cap , among others.

We reflect on customers’ production process, conduct a comprehensive understanding of their management and commercial challenge, and tailor to the most appropriate solutions. We enable customers to improve their equipment performance, simplify their service maintenance and operational process to reduce their operating costs.

Secondly, the abundant experience and knowledge of the machinery technology is required to understand the extent that the intelligent equipment could achieve. Huituo integrates the production processes to understand the consumers’ living styles and elaborately consider and design each section not only for the users, but also for the consumers. Huituo deeply understands all sections of customers’ packaging industry chain to provide the specialized suggestions and solutions to the customers and develop with the customers.

“Future” —— create more value

Intelligent packaging just starts off in China and it will have a bright future, although it needs a long time for the development. Facing future, self-study and flexible intelligence are integrated with mobile intelligence and Internet of things (IoT) development trend to push forward the application of new generation precise intelligent technology. As a rising enterprise, Huituo will continuously increase the research and development of intelligent packaging and even implement the intelligent packaging as the core target to cope with and support the development and demand of the intelligent packaging market. What is more important, Huituo could help the customers create more value through the intelligent packaging, which is the final purpose to be customer-oriented and help the users fulfill their business dreams.

“Power” ——core competitiveness

Changzhou Huituo Technology is a modern high-tech manufacturing enterprise with abundant technology power to provide the high quality intelligent capping technology and solution for the daily chemical industries. Huituo Technology spent five years to fill in many gaps of the industry in China and become the special technology pioneer with most patent quantity, most coverage and deepest extent in capping industry. It not only helps the enterprises realize the modern production management, but also realize the value promotion and development of Huituo Technology and its staff.

With the help of incentive policy, Huituo Technology has attracted a group of talents on packaging technology who are intelligent and innovative. It is a typical technological enterprise with 20% technicians. Three-dimensional software and simulation software are widely used during design, research and development which can highly speed up developing new products and also enable us to offer customized production line design in first time. Patents are accumulating year by year and till now we have almost 20 patents on technology which have laid the foundation for the following development.


In order to ensure the high quality of components and shorten delivery time, Huituo Technology takes full advantages of 100% strict monitoring system from single component design to final acceptance testing and also have invested lot of money to bring in imported gantry machining center, four-axis process center, digital controlled lathe, automatic gear shaping machine, thermal treatment equipments, material analysis, form and position inspection and many other advanced production and inspection equipments. Under the management of 5S and ISO9001, All the equipments have been tested by several strict testing procedures before delivery such as customized area to stimulate true working environment to ensure that equipments can be put into production 1-3 days after arriving customers’ factory and meet all their producing requirements.

“Help Customers Realize the Brand Dreams” is our vision and drives us to persistently establish the customer-oriented marketing, R&D and service idea and operation system and focus on the intelligent packaging to overcome the difficulty and create the maximum value for the customers to develop Huituo Technology.

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