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Huituo Sets A New Trend For Cosmetics Package—Combinable & Multi-task

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Huituo Sets A New Trend For Cosmetics Package—Combinable & Multi-task

The just closed 23rd China Beauty Expo was an important event for cosmetics industry with the largest scale so far. The filling and capping machines from Huituo featuring great movability and multifunction have caused a sensation on the spot. The Super Master, a 2-in-1 machine (filling & capping) shows Human-machine Cooperation and its stylish exterior and compact design make it even more popular. So, what does it mean for the upgrade of cosmetics package? Will it help deal with the knotty problems of cosmetics diversified production? And how to adapt to the new trend? You will get answers from the following two cases.

3+2 days—Complete the smart upgrade of two old lines 

The workers from a famous cosmetics packaging plant in Shanghai have spent a veritable “Labor Day”. When most people enjoyed the holiday, a “fighting” of the old line upgrade was being carried out. In just 2 days, Huituo’s new smart capping machine, the Super master-Capper, replaces the old one, and achieves assembly line production in the third day. Soon, workers mastered the coordinated production of Super master, as it knows better how to work with workers and ensures bottles pass smoothly on the conveyor. Moreover, the touch screen is user-friendly, with one button to change capping mode and torque. Super master will stop automatically, remind operator and record the capping torque and production data, in case of unqualified products. Its production efficiency and product qualification rate have not only been greatly improved, but also relieve workers’ pressure.


With the rapid increase orders, the company faces many challenges, such as the production capacity, quality problem, and labor intensity which may all pose fatal risks and the production line upgrade is extremely urgent. The Super master’s great movability, flexibility and intelligent control persuade the company to choose Huituo.

super master

Summary: The upgrade of old lines is neither to get rid of the old lines, nor to drastically change the existing production mode. Making full use of existing production lines, maximizing production capacity and improving quality with the minimum investment and the shortest time is the greatest success! This is exactly practicing Huituo’s “customer-centered” cooperate culture.

9 square meters—Complete all types of capping

In the corner of Huituo’s plant, a high-speed multitasking Super Station was undergoing acceptance of a foreign-invested cosmetics company and everything went smoothly. Several months’ hard work bears fruits and it will be shipped soon. The highlight of Super Station is multi-task and intelligent linkage with other devices, similar to an independent “mini-packaging workshop”.

super station

Super Station’s aim is to facilitate the capping process by integrating different types of caps into one machine, like the round cap, pump cap and trigger cap etc. It is able to press & screw caps automatically, detect & reject the unqualified products and even produce different products. The project was born due to the customer’s limited production space—9 square meters. Super Station is their best solution with a variety of multi-tasking production, 1 or 2 workers’ operation and speed of 80 bottles / min.

Summary: Diversified production is not simply to add devices or functions, at the expense of increasing production space, not to reduce production capacity, but to innovate in mass and diversified production.

Strategic investment: Combinable, Multi-Task Production Mode

The consumption upgrade gives rise to fiercer market competition and then comes a series of problems. How to complete the smart workshop upgrade without affecting the existing production? How to increase production efficiency within limited space? How to realize a smooth transition from the old & slow production to smart production? How to meet different production needs? The combinable and multi-task production mode invented by Huituo is to help you solve all these problems. Huituo’s innovative and customized technology center is able to timely response to different requirements and offers a whole line solution, which is practicing its “customer-centric” value.

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