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Invitation letter of daily chemical Exhibition

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Invitation letter of daily chemical Exhibition


Are you worry about the packaging equipment, lack of innovation lead to the production of single,are you nonplussed over the packing equipment that can’t keep up with production?As a leader in screw capping, filling packing field,Huituo brings you a series of customized solutions.

Huituo 4 types of equipment=N+ packaging solutions


Servo intelligent screw capping machine“速拓 Spmart ”

Introduction:it is a flexible intelligent screw capping robot with powerful function production as its goal,Integration of servo, detection, precision transmission, industrial communications and other technologies,It can not only realize complex and diversified production, but also operate simply. It can also work with upstream and downstream equipment and transmit data.


GMP level no dripping filling machine“速冠 SFILL”

Introduction:a new type filling machine, which is made of GMP grade pharmaceutical food standard, adopts the new technology of no dripping filling and advanced metering mode, combined with servo and information technology, realizes the safety, high efficiency, high precision, automatic filling.


Cosmetics flexible production line “Super Master”

Introduction:the man-machine cooperation intelligent combination equipment for cosmetic field ,It’s composed of several small functional machines which can be freely moved and split. The appearance is exquisite and the volume is exquisite, which greatly meets the diversified production needs of cosmetics.


Round cover screw capping machine

Introduction:customized intelligent round cover packaging equipment, suitable for daily chemicals, cosmetics, food and other industries. The shape is simple and beautiful, accurate rotary cover, don’t hurt the bottle, don’t damage the lid.


Extension Booth

Hall2 B33

Exhibition Time


Exhibition Place
Nanjing International Expo Center

(No.300 Middle Jiangdong Road Jianye District Nanjing)

We are looking forward to seeing you here at the Nanjing International Expo Center from November 21 to 23, 2017. We are looking forward to your arrival!

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