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    1. What types of packaging machines does Huituo offer?
    We offer complete packaging systems that include one or more of the following machines: bottle unscrambler, filling machine, capping machine, cap unscrambler, bottle rinsers and washers, sleeve labelers, inkjet printers for labelers, conveyors, turntables, and monoblock.
    2. What are the basic types of capping machines?
    We have three series of capping machine:
    No.1 SPU
    Permanent magnet clutch
    Suitable for the bottles with similar heights
    Can be customized based on requirements
    Max. Speed: 100bpm
    No.2 SPI:
    Permanent magnet clutch
    Suitable for more bottles and caps
    Can be customized based on requirements
    Max. Speed: 200bpm
    No.3. SPM:
    Servo control
    Suitable for more bottles and caps
    Higher torque accuracy
    Easier operation
    Can be customized based on requirements
    Max. Speed: 200bpm
    3. What's the difference between semi-automatic and automatic capping machine?
    Semi-automatic capping machines require one or more operators to place caps onto the cap-sending channels. The automatic capping machine will be equipped with cap elevator and unscrambler, achieving the highest production rates. It is suitable for round cap and pump.

    4. What are the basic types of filling machines?
    Usually we have three types of filling machines
    1. self-flow filling machine
    2. Piston filling machine (Option 1: one servo motor to control all filling nozzles; Option 2: each filling head is controlled by each motor)
    3. Flowmeter filling machine (Option 1: electromagnetic flowmeter; Option 2: mass flow meter)
    4. Pneumatic filling machine
    Now, we have the forth filling machine for the hand sanitizer with 70%-80% alcohol, as it is much safer than the above three.
    5. Should I choose linear filling machine or rotary filling machine?
    Usually, if the speed is over 6,000bph(based on 500ml), we will suggest customer choose the rotary filling machine. The linear one is more suitable for lower speed.
    6. Do installation and training included in the machinery cost?
    Training is included with most Huituo machinery but installation and commissioning at site requires an additional fee.
    7. What warranties does Huituo offer?
    One year on non-wear parts and labor. Huituo warranties can also be extended, ask a salesperson for information.
    8. Can I rent equipment from Huituo?
    Yes. Ask a salesperson for more information.
    9. How long will the machine be delivered?
    It depends on the degree of customization. The higher degree, the longer delivery time. 


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