Improve Efficiency With Stable Functions

The first domestic detergent filling line with speed 8000BPH

Huituo the first Spirior high-speed pump capping machine (9000BPH) adopts flexible connection with rotary filling machine, successfully accomplishing first domestic production line with speed 8000BPH, which not only effectively improves capacity to solve troubles, such as workshop expansion, worker increment and energy cost increment etc, but also pushes automatic production into a new level and breaks a new ground in daily chemical field.

The first domestic automatic trigger capping machine of cleanser

Through customers’ strict testing, the customized trigger capping machine replaced previous semi-automatic imported equipment, further improving automation, reducing manual work. The pass yield reaches to 99.9%.

Boosting market occupation for rapid growth brands

With timely delivery and high performance, Spumper pump capping machine extremely improves capacity to successfully promote their brand. Spumper not only guarantees stable torque value control, but also fulfills severe requirement of product appearance, enhancing customers’ recognition as a high class brand.

One machine three functions, automatic capping with low cost and high diversification

Huituo creative research team developed first domestic multi-functional intelligent capping machine on time for Denmark customer, meeting automatic capping for all pump, trigger and screw cap with only 15 minutes’ changeover, which made Denmark customer have totally new recognition for made in China and created in China.

Golden Fish,Beijing Plant,Toilet Detergent Filling line

Our new designed torque controller device meets their high requirement and realizes no damaging packing. This capper takes the place of their imported machinery,doubles capping speed and decrease workers from 6-8 to 1-2.

Japan,Shiseido,Beijing plant, shampoo production site

By adopting anti-foam and anti-leaking filling technology, it helps to double production capacity and control filling around 10.5%. Meanwhile not only reduce labor largely, but also improve working environment a lot.