• Spirior(SPI series)

    – Multi-functional capping machine
    -Max speed is 200BPH
    -Applied for all types of cap
    -Free debugging & High-efficient changeover

Major Technical Parameters

Overal dimension(L×W×H): 2000mm×1600mm×2600mm
 Machine weight: 4500Kg
 Suitable pump caps(can be customized)
 Diameter of pump cap 30mm
 Length of pump cap:  ≤250mm
Number of capping heads: 8(can be customized)
 Capacity:: ≤5000containers/hour
Torque control ±0.3Nm
Qualified rate of capping: ≥98%(Container mouth center deviation less than 1mm, Container mouth face height deviation less than 1mm)
Power supply:  AC 380V,50Hz
Machine power:   4Kw
Air operated source:  0.6Mpa clean and stable compressed air

Pump Capping Function Options

Three claws pump capping head
(C series)

  • Applied for pump and screw cap (not for bottle with handle)
  • No damage to caps

Four wheel capping head
(W series)

  • Applied for pump; trigger spray; screw and pressing cap
  • Applied for various production

Double-centrifugal unscrambler for pump cap (D series)

  • Compact structure, saving sapce
  • Applied for wide range of caps, simple adjustment and operation

Improve efficiency with stable functions

Fully automatic finishing bottle cap

Flexible bottle separating

Accurately inserted into the bottle

Accurate torque control

Intelligent rejecting device

High Efficient changeover

Adjust the height of the cap

SP-C/W Pump Trigger Capper

  • Claw structure, with patents,integrate cap sending,grasping,capping (can affliafte with cap sorter);
  • Customized,easy and quick 30min changeover;
  • Smoothly cap sending and inserting, accurate pump tube orientation, soft operation and no scratch and blocking;
  • Accurately and smoothly bottle in-feed,no bottle explosive,liquid spilling,bottle damage;
  • Adjustable torque control by permanent magnetic clutch ;
  • Bottles without cap or tube can be rejected automatically;
  • Changable cam design, focus on the flexiblity of capping claw ;
  • Can be easily connected with other machinery;
  • Suitable for pump,trigger,round caps of different size and material.

Daily Chemical Detergent Solution

Detergent inner cap

-First china creation

-Full atuomatic sorting, inner cap pressing and orientating

-Max speed is 100 BPH

-Automatic orientation through mechanical or visual detection

-Free debugging & High-efficient changeover

Detergent outside cap & combined cap

-Full automatic sorting and capping

-Max speed is 130BPH

-360° cap grasping, no damage and dropping

-Precious and adjustable torque value

-Free debugging & High-efficient changerover

Detergent & cosmetics inner cap

-National initiation

-Full automatic sorting; inner cap pressing

-Max speed is 130BPH

-Free debugging & High-efficient changeover

Daily chemical products & cosmetics liquid fulling machine

-Linear automatic filling machine

-Gravity filling; volumetric filling; flowmeter fulling; weighing filling

-Prociding different solution against viscosity  and corrosin

-Specific Anti-leaking filling nizzle

-Varied CIP system

-Free debugging & High-efficient changeover