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Spumper Capping Machine for pump caps triggers/capper

  • Spumper


– Full automatic pump capping machine
– Max speed is 100BPH
-Replacing manual work and belt-rubbing machine
-Free debugging & High-effcient changeover

Overal dimension(L×W×H):2000mm×1600mm×2600mm
 Machine weight:4500Kg
 Suitable pump caps(can be customized)
 Diameter of pump cap30mm
 Length of pump cap: ≤250mm
Number of capping heads:8(can be customized)
Torque control±0.3Nm
Qualified rate of capping:≥98%(Container mouth center deviation less than 1mm, Container mouth face height deviation less than 1mm)
Power supply: AC 380V,50Hz
Machine power:  4Kw
Air operated source: 0.6Mpa clean and stable compressed air

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Phone:  86-519-69698686
Fax:  86-519-69697399
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